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Uploading your web pages to the VPOP server

Okay, your web pages are complete and you're ready to publish them on the Internet. Now you'll need to upload your files to the VPOP server so the rest of the world can see them. This is accomplished through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We recommend using WS_FTP for the Windows operating system or Fetch for the Macintosh. If you don't have these programs, you can get them here:
WS_FTP for Win95
WS_FTP for Win3.x
Fetch for Macintosh
These are zipped files so you may need WinZip if you don't already have it. Download it here.

Once you have your FTP program installed, launch the program and you will be brought to a screen that looks similar to the picture below. We'll be using WS_FTP for Windows as our example, the procedure is nearly identical in most FTP programs.

Set up WS_FTP and connect

Step 1: You'll need to create a new profile by clicking on the button called "New".
Step 2: Fill in the proper information for each field:
Profile Name: Your company name
Host Name:
Host Type: Automatic Detect
User I.D.: your login name
Now is a good time to place a checkmark in "Save password" and uncheck "Anonymous".
Password: your account password.
Account: you can leave this field empty.
Remote Host: In the interest of simplicity, enter webdocs in this field. This is the directory that you will be brought to upon connection to the system.
Local PC: This is the directory on your computer where all of your HTML documents are stored. If you're not yet sure where your documents live, you can enter c:\ and it will start at the top of your C drive.
Step 3: Click the "Save" button which is located near the top, middle of the page. This will save the profile so the next time you need to connect everything will already be in place.
Step 4: Click the "OK" button which is located at the top, left side of the window. This will start the connection process. The connection may take a few seconds.

Transfer Files

Once you've made the connection, you'll see two windows inside the WS_FTP window. The one on the left represents the directories and files on your computer, and the one on the right represents the directories and files on VPOP's server. If you specified webdocs as the initial directory on the remote host, then you'll be in that directory initially. If not, double-click on webdocs in the right-hand directory window. Likewise, if you specified the directory in which your html files reside, the proper directory will be displayed on the left-hand side. If not, you can either click on the directory, or use the left-hand ChgDir button and type in the correct directory. Next, click on the ASCII radio button. Click once on the index.htm file on the local (left) side to highlight it, and then on the right-facing arrow. A dialog box should appear, and you should then see the index.htm file appear copied onto the remote side.

Any image files you wish to display must be transferred as binary, so click the Binary radio button, and then transfer the image files in the same manner by highlighting and then clicking the right-facing arrow. Speaking of image files (like GIF's or JPG's), it usually a good idea to place those in a directory called images under your webdocs directory. To do this, click on the MkDir button on the upper right side of WS_FTP, when it prompts you for a directory name, enter "images", and it will be created and will show up as a folder in the upper right window of WS_FTP, you can then double click on that folder to enter it.