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Create Your Own Web Pages

Creating a Web page is actually quite simple with the tools available on the Internet today. We'll provide you with links to the newest sharware programs for Web page developement as well as some basic instructions for getting your pages up to the server so the rest of the world can view them.

HTML / WEB Editors
(use these programs to create your web pages)

Graphic Viewers / Editors
(use these programs to create or manipulate graphics)

Basic Rules for a Successful Site

Once your Web site has been created on your local computer, you'll need to upload it to the VPOP server. There a a couple of things to remember in order to make your Web site appear correctly to the rest of the world.

The default home page (the one that comes up when you point your browser to '') should be named index.html or index.htm.

Also, file names are Case Sensitive so remember that the links you create to other pages need to be referenced correctly.

TIP: If you create a sub-directory under your webdocs directory called images and store your graphic files there, it will be easy to sort through your files as your Web site grows.

Instructions for uploading your files to the VPOP server can be found here.