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Perl, Sendmail and Other System Paths

When installing a CGI program on your site, you may be asked the location of one or more of the system programs. Below is a list of the more common programs needed. Remember that you can always find out the location by typing: "which propgram_name" from the commandline. Substitute 'program_name' with the file you are looking for.
Perl: /usr/bin/perl (called as: #!/usr/bin/perl)

Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail

Date: /bin/date

Tar: /usr/bin/tar

Also, when installing CGI programs you should note that for security reasons, we run suexec with the Webserver. This means that CGIs executed are run under your user_id. Since you will never run your CGIs as the Webserver (user: www), you will NEVER need to set permissions on your files to 777 or World Writable. Infact, if you do this, your programs will not run.

You should be sure that your programs are not set to be writable by the World or Group... only the User will need write permissions. Set your CGI permissions to: "chmod 755 your.cgi" (replace 'your.cgi' with your program's filename).

A safe bet would be to set permissions: chmod -R g-w *